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The Soaperie: This is where the magic happens!

All my luxurious skin loving soap delicacies has been lovingly handcrafted in tiny pampered batches using the traditional cold process soaping technique by myself, no pre-made bases in these Lovelies only pure, natural, sumptuous ingredients.

More Tea Soaperie
More Tea Soaperie

They have then slowly cured over a 6 week period, lovingly turned by hand every few days  to produce the gentlest skin loving glycerine rich creations I have absolutely adored making. I hope you cherish using them.

Luxurious, ethically sourced plant oils, butters {unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana for example}, lavish nutrient oils and skin embracing ethically sourced tussah silk fibres come together with essential oils {the natural fragrant essence, “akin to a fine musical symphony”}, fragrances, milks, creams, yogurts, clays, botanicals {some from my own garden} with cosmetic colourings to produce an opulent, sumptuous cleansing and skin nurturing soap for your indulgence and cosseting.

guild_for-electronic-publishing-300x219The skin cherishing glycerine produced during this time-honoured process is retained in my products to pamper your skin {commercially produced soaps have this valuable moisture attracting by-product removed, it is then sold on to the cosmetics industry}.

No harsh detergents, sulphates, parabens,  additives or preservatives will be found in my soaps, just lashings of natural goodness and love. Find out more about what’s in my Soap Lovelies.

All my Lovelies have undergone cosmetic assessments by a qualified pharmacist to ensure the finest quality product.

To prolong the life of each bar of soapy indulgence please allow to dry out between use, try not to allow to stand in water between each soothing use.

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