Testimonials for More Tea Soaperie


The comments on Instagram about my Bath Truffles include;

“So cute!!”, “Absolutely stunning”, “Do not eat!! They look delicious”.

“Amazing”. “Wow”.

Instagram Comments 11th November 2020

The Bath Truffles are exquisite, the attention to detail is sublime

Anon 11th November 2020

Julie, the soap “Lovelies” feel like you are washing in double cream, they are the best

Charlotte 11th November 2020

What soap “Lovelies” have you got planned for this Christmas?, I cant wait!!. I am placing my order now as I know they will be beautiful

Sam 11th November 2020

 "Thankfully I have your lovely bath soak which has been a godsend during turbulent times when trying to relax. I often think of you making your wonderful soaps and Bath Bon Bons. I love using your creations, your soaps bring me great joy".

Happy customer!!, anonymous! 11th June 2019

"Having bought your beautiful products from David Austin Roses . . . . Thank you and congratulations on such lovely, gorgeous quality products. They are my special treat to myself.

Sarah 15th October 2019

"So beautiful, I am blown away, thank you so much"

Lauren 11th June 2019

"I truly have never seen anything like these soaps, little works of art. I want to buy them all"

Juliet 11th June 2019

"I always think of you first when faced with choosing special gifts for friends and family. Such attention to detail, such beautiful products"

Verity 11th June 2019

"I must apologise for not contacting you sooner, but I have only just seen the beautiful soaps that you made for Alexa when we were babysitting this week. They are absolutely gorgeous and she loves them!

Thank you so much for making them for her. I'm sure we will be coming back for some replacements very soon. Perhaps some Easter bunnies would be nice for her - do you think that might be possible, please?"

Kim 19th February 2019

Everyone Loves the Lovelies!

"I just cant get enough of your Bon Bons!!". Happy customer!!, anonymous!

"Your products are just amazing. I just adore them all. You are so clever". Ann.

"Hi Julie, I had some of your "Lovelies" for my Wedding. Can I say they were absolutely adorable and the fragrance was fantastic, thank you. I am now going to use your soaps every day that's for certain". Lina.

"Your products are just so lovely" Katie.

"Your details were passed onto me by our lovely Mayoress, would you be interested in bringing your "Lovelies" to our event?. Dawn.

"We are always looking for fabulous exhibitors to join us for our events. When I saw your soaps I was super excited". Mel.

"I love your soaps so much". Karen.

"When you have time could you make me some more, any fragrance, just love them all!" Sallyann.

"Wow, are they really soap?, absolutely stunning". Aimee.

"Thought of you first for our event, love your products". Elle.

Various clients 2018 10th September 2018

"More Tea Soaperie website beautiful and uplifting, spectacular".

Louisa 31st July 2017

"Soaperie looking wonderful and serene on Facebook, so well done"

Mary 31st July 2017

"So glad you are at this event, I have come specially to buy more Lovelies".

Hannah 31st July 2017

"Wow! they are like little works of art!!, fabulous".

Amy 31st July 2017

"Julie, just to let you know Mum absolutely loved the soaps" xxx

Susannah 31st July 2017

"Thanks, you're simply amazing. Julie, what can we say, you did us proud, we can never thank you enough for your wonderful hard work, the wedding favours were sublime. You are truly gifted, may you grow in your new adventure and may you be rewarded in all that you do. God bless you and thank you again".

Tina and Andy 19th January 2017

"Julie, again a triumph!! Your Soap Lovelies have blown me away!! They are beyond compare, beautifully crafted soap works of art. A truly affordable, guilty pleasure!! I shall collect them all."

Chris and John 19th January 2017

"The Soap Lovelies have a special place in my bathroom, they make me smile every time I look at them, beautiful and elegant”.

Sylvia 19th January 2017

“Fabulous!! My Husband has built me a cabinet for the bathroom specifically to display my wonderful collection of Soap Lovelies”

Marie 19th January 2017

"I really have never seen anything like them before! they are amazing!! The attention to detail is second to none".

Mary 5 19th January 2017

"I am speechless! You really need to quit your day job and just make soap"

Caroline 19th January 2017

"They are far too beautiful to be soap!!!, the packaging is awesome, wow!"

Marilyn 19th January 2017

Some comments from Clients who attended the Alrewas Open Gardens show:

"How fantastic, they are absolutely beautiful".
"The fragrance is amazing, it has subtly filled the marquee".
"Are they really soap?, wow, fantastic".
"My son loves your Bath Bon Bons".
"Keep doing what you are doing, its fantastic, I want to take them all home!".
"Pure decadence!".
"They are absolutely beautiful".

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Various clients 31st July 2017