Christmassy Lovelies

Here is a small preview of my Christmas 2022 “Lovelies!

Silent Night:

These “Lovelies” with an orange slice atop are made of a warming frankincense (big frankincense theme this year, I love it, it’s very grounding!), sweet orange, red mandarin and festive spice essential oil blend.

Swirled with Madagascan vanilla seeds and blue poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation. Red peppercorns, orange slices and a tiny smattering of eco-friendly biodegradable glitter adorn these festive beauties.

Deep Midwinter:

The creamy white “Lovelies” below with the little alder cones atop are an uplifting peppermint and lemongrass blend combining organic Olive oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Castor oil.

Rich in the creamiest Kaolin clay, swirled with vanilla seeds.

Bath Melts:

This is a new product for me! They contain just three totally moisturising organic plant oils and butters – golden Jojoba oil, Cocoa butter and Shea butter with warming/nurturing/uplifting essential oils.

Just half of each melt is enough for a relaxing cocooning bath. Once added to the warm bath water they will scent the atmosphere and soothe the driest of skins, for a totally immersive, relaxing experience. Nothing else is added, these little “Lovelies” are powerhouses of moisturisation.

The bath melt gift boxes, hand stamped and lined with eco-friendly tissue paper housing glassine worm friendly carbon neutral bags of bath melt loveliness and tied up with string.

Bath Truffles:

These Bath Truffles are adorned with dried cornflowers and mallow flowers. The Bath Truffle gift boxes are eco-conscious –  they are hand stamped, and paper packaging tape is used on all gift boxes.