Bath Bon Bon and Bath Truffle Festive selection boxes

Bath Bon Bons {6 Bon Bons for £6.00} presented in an egg box and tied with ribbon and with a Festive gift label.

These Lovelies are handcrafted using the finest organic Cocoa Butter, gently fizzing, water softening and skin nurturing loveliness.

Bath Truffles {4 Truffles for £7.00} presented in little egg box tied with ribbon with Festive gift label. A little more luxurious, with extra Organic Cocoa Butter, and extra skin nurturing ingredients, each Truffle lasting for more than one bath, remove from Bath halfway through fizzing and allow to dry, perfect to use for subsequent Bathing.

Fragrances are a luxurious Festive selection, from “Festive Fireside” to “Sweet Orange and Cinnamon”. All lovingly handcrafted Bath Lovelies decorated with a Festive feel.

Also, for fun there is a handcrafted “Boozy” selection of Bath Truffles incorporating “Egg Nog”, “Clementine and Prosecco” and “Gin and Tonic”, decorated with suitably tipsy sugar Penguins and Mulberry paper flowers.