Everyone Loves the Lovelies!

10th September 2018

Everyone Loves the Lovelies!

“I just cant get enough of your Bon Bons!!”. Happy customer!!, anonymous!

“Your products are just amazing. I just adore them all. You are so clever”. Ann.

“Hi Julie, I had some of your “Lovelies” for my Wedding. Can I say they were absolutely adorable and the fragrance was fantastic, thank you. I am now going to use your soaps every day that’s for certain”. Lina.

“Your products are just so lovely” Katie.

“Your details were passed onto me by our lovely Mayoress, would you be interested in bringing your “Lovelies” to our event?. Dawn.

“We are always looking for fabulous exhibitors to join us for our events. When I saw your soaps I was super excited”. Mel.

“I love your soaps so much”. Karen.

“When you have time could you make me some more, any fragrance, just love them all!” Sallyann.

“Wow, are they really soap?, absolutely stunning”. Aimee.

“Thought of you first for our event, love your products”. Elle.