More Tea Soaperie attended Alrewas Open Gardens 24th and 25th June 2017

I made limited edition “Open Garden Lovelies” for the event. They had the cutest tiny garden trowel atop each Lovely. They were fragranced with the finest herbaceous essential oils in keeping with the gardening theme to uplift and energise – rosemary, sage, marjoram and tomato leaf fragrance. They contained naturally derived exfoliants, clays and glycerine to cleanse and protect hardworking gardening hands. And of course the indulgent Soap Lovely recipe contained gentle and sumptuous goats milk and silk fibres.

The Soap Lovelies made in tiny pampered batches using only the finest, sumptuous natural plant oils and butters to nurture, pamper and protect the skin.

More Tea Soaperie - Open Garden Lovelies
Bath Bon Bons at More Tea Soaperie – Open Garden Lovelies
The Alrewas Show was marvellous, it was lovely to see you there. We sold all the Bath Bon Bons and lots of soap Lovelies for “Teacher gifts”.
Some Lovelies are currently winging their way to the USA and Cornwall!!

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31st July 2017
Some comments from Clients who attended the Alrewas Open Gardens show:

"How fantastic, they are absolutely beautiful".
"The fragrance is amazing, it has subtly filled the marquee".
"Are they really soap?, wow, fantastic".
"My son loves your Bath Bon Bons".
"Keep doing what you are doing, its fantastic, I want to take them all home!".
"Pure decadence!".
"They are absolutely beautiful".

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