Hocus Pocus Bubbling Bath Cauldrons

For Halloween, “Hocus Pocus Bubbling Bath Cauldrons”, filled with whimsical skin nurturing goodness, as always, the finest ingredients, plant based bubbles and the opulence of organic Cocoa Butter for the softest skin caring experience.

Simply add water to the Cauldron and before your eyes it will bubble over akin to a real Witches Cauldron.

Add to your Bathtime for spooktakular fun and games.

I have handcrafted each Cauldron in three ghoulish colours and fragrances:

  • Orrible Orange fragranced with “Unicorn Sparkle”.
  • Frogs leg Green fragranced with “Pear Drops”.
  • Bats wing Black fragranced with “Apple & Cinnamon”.

No Palm oil, detergents, SLS, microbeads or any other ghoulish ingredients will be found in these funtastic “Lovelies”.

They are all topped with a potion of Halloweenesque sparkle for Bathtime fun.