Lavender and Neroli

These Lovelies use my secret recipe with white clay to aid the gentlest cleansing for all skin types.

The essential oil blend gives a sweet floral-herbaceous fragrance. The oil fragrance effect is uplifting, calming and refreshing.

Neroli is a reputed aphrodisiac. The properties and aromatherapeutic uses of neroli essential oil being antidepressant, antiseptic and bactericidal. It is suitable for most skin types, effective in treating stretch marks, pre-menstrual symptoms and stress related disorders.

Lavender essential oil is widely known to produce calming effects although its fragrance is truly uplifting. Its properties and aromatherapeutic uses include analgaesic, antidepressant and antispasmodic, to name but a few. It is suitable for most skin types, acne allergies, psoriasis, an insect repellent, migraine and stress related disorders.