Peacock Swirls for Boys and Girls

These unisex Peacock Swirl Lovelies are fragranced with Lavender essential oil and decorated with swirls and sparkles.  They are made with a slightly different, slower moving Lovely recipe to allow the time required for swirl detailing, a lengthy and nerve jangling process!

It is as cleansing, rich and nourishing as the core recipe with sumptuous skin loving glycerine produced during saponification {the soap making process} as with all the Lovelies.

I have chosen to use rapeseed oil and rice bran oil for the Peacock swirl recipe. Rice bran oil derived from the bran and germ of brown rice. It is a mild oil, high in fatty acids; perfect for dry/flaky skin.

Rapeseed oil creates a moisturising bar of soap with a stable creamy lather.

A supremely balanced Soap Lovely.

And here is a girly batch I have recently made with “Afternoon Tea” fragrance. They are curing and awaiting trimming. A true Soap Lovely treat for the skin and senses. Blissful.