Christmassy Soap Lovelies

This year I have three very special festive soaps for you:

“Winter light” – unashamedly feminine soap lovely fragranced with essential oils of Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood. Warming and comforting, the gentlest hug in a soap Lovely. The lovely has cloves, juniper berries and poppy seeds within and is adorned with a sparkling gold frosted winter berry. French pink clay gives a soft pink hue and affords the gentlest cleansing properties. All lovelies handcrafted using 5 of the finest plant oils and butters coupled with the creamiest goats milk and the luxury of ethically sourced silk fibres.

“Christmas wish” – a true essence of Christmas soap Lovely. Using 5 of the finest plant oils and butters fragranced with a Winter Spice blend including sweet orange, clove bud oil and star anise. The feeling of Christmas in a Lovely. Adorned with star anise, juniper berries, poppy seeds, cloves and tiny dried flowers. Gold accent dripped onto the dried decoration. Botanicals swirled into the batter.  A warming and nurturing fragrance blend to calm and focus the mind.

“Eucalyptus, peppermint and spice Lovely” –  A warm yet gently energising Lovely swirled with activated charcoal to give each Lovely a totally individual pattern to the batter. Topped with a single juniper berry, the swirling will speak for itself. The five plant oils and butters and creamiest goats milk are joined by the gentlest kaolin clay, together with the activated charcoal will gently cleanse all skin types and leave a protective barrier to protect the skin and lock in moisture.